The Seller Dashboard is the page that welcomes you to your account.

It displays key metrics for your eBay account, along with recent data such as

  • Recent Sales
  • Recent account Feedbacks
  • Sales graphs (by day or month)
  • Traffic graphs (by day or month)
  • Detailed Sales Summary comparison table.

Key Stats

View key stats for today, including orders placed, total sales value, current number of unshipped eBay orders, total feedbacks and current eBay feedback rating.

Sales Graph

The Sales Graph shows recent sales, number of orders by month, day, hourly and even live!

You can configure the chart to show different time periods and more. This is great to keeping an eye on trends and progress made on your eBay sales.

Traffic Graph

The Traffic Graph shows in daily and monthly detail the impressions (search results your listings appear in) and the views of your listings.

This is fantastic data to analyse your listings and gallery images/title performance.

Sales Comparison Summary

View a powerful detailed comparison of your eBay sales over many different time periods. Also create your own comparison periods with whatever time frames, durations and comparison periods you like.

With this summary and comparison data of your eBay sales you can not only compare day to day and week to week, but also look at your year on year performance.